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FaQs. General Information

Q. What riding modes does the Volt-on Booty offer?

The Volt-on Booty offers three riding modes

1. Throttle Mode – 100% on battery no pedalling

2. Pedal Mode : Throttle at zero – runs purely on human effort like a normal cycle

3. Pedal Assist : Pedalling along with throttle – combination of throttle mode and pedal mode

Increase travelling distance by more than 40%

Q. How does the Throttle mode work?

The throttle mode works by simply turning on the switch and twisting the throttle ( on the left side of the handle bar , like in any scooty or motorcycle ))to impart movement to the Volt-on cycle

Q. Is the battery pack detachable in the Volt-on Booty?

Yes the battery pack is detachable in all the models of the Volton Booty . You can lift the seat and remove the battery pack , thus making it convenient for you to charge it even if you live in high rise buildings .

Q. How long does it take the battery to charge fully?

It takes between 3 to 3.5 Hrs for the battery to be fully charged

Q. What kind of Battery does the Volton Booty have?

The volton Booty uses a Lithium Phosphate Battery Pack.

Q. What is the life of the battery pack?

The Volt-on Booty has a life of 6 yrs

Q. What is the Warranty of the battery pack?

The Volt-on booty carries a warranty of 3 years or 1800 cycles whichever is earlier.

Q. Why does the Volton Botty use a Lithium Phosphate Battery pack when other vehicles use Lithium Ion Battery Packs or VRLA ( Lead Acid ) Battery Packs ?
At Volton Booty safety and economy of the rider is our top priority .Comparison between Lithium Ion and Lithium Phosphate and Lead Acid / VRLA Battery pack is given as under

Q. What is the real time range of Volt-on Booty?
The Volt-on Booty range with a 85 kg rider weight is as under
Booty 30–has a range of 25–30 Km on a single charge on throttle mode, 50 km with pedal assist
Booty 60 – has a range of 45 – 50 km on a single charge on throttle mode, 75 km with pedal assist
Booty 120–has a range of 90–120 km on a single charge on throttle mode, 150 km with pedal assist

Q. What is the capacity of Battery packs in the models of Volt-on Botty?
Booty 30 – 25.6 V / 12 Ah
Booty 60 – 25.6 V / 18 Ah
Booty 120 – 25.6 V / 36 Ah

Q. How much is the cost of travelling on the Volt-on Booty?
The average cost of travelling on the Volt-on Booty works out to INR 1 for every 25 kilometers

Q. What is the type and specs of the motor in Volt-on Botty?
The Volt-on booty is fitted with a 24 Volt / 250 watt PMDC motor

Q. What is the mid drive motor technology used in the Volt-on Booty and how is it superior than the hub motor?
Most of the electric cycle ( almost 99 %) use the hub motor technology   .The Hub motors are fitted at the centre of the wheel of the cycle and  can be placed either on the rear wheel or the front wheel depending on the convenience of the manufacturer.The  most common types of hub motors used in electric bicycles are brushed and brushless. They can be direct-drive and geared motor units/ BLDC hub motors are a common modern design. The motor is built into the wheel hub itself, while the stator is fixed solidly to the axle, and the magnets are attached to and rotating with the wheel. The presence of the magnets causes resistance to the movement of the wheel which in turn lead to lower output power and in addition acts as a drag when the cycle is pedelled , which in turn implies more effort required while pedalling .As a result electri cycles which use hub motors are unable to carry a load of over 85 kg and are unable to cross flyover or climb hills purely on the throttle mode.
Volt-on Booty uses a mid drive motor technology . In the mid drive motor technology the motor is placed separately and is connected to the sprocket  either on the crank or the sprocket in the rear wheel by means of a chain or a belt. Such an arrangement enhances the output delivery of the motor substantially since it isolated the motor drive train from the pedal drive train and both become independent of each other and thus start complementing each other rather than inhibiting and restricting each other . This is one of the main reasons for the Volt-on Booty having a load bearing capacity of 140 Kg and for its ability to climb flyover and hills purely on the throttle mode.

Q. What is the Gurantee and life of the motor in Volt-on Booty?
The Life of the Volt-on Booty motor is 5 yrs and it carries a warranty of one year

Q. Why does the Volt-on Booty not have a regular cycle seat / saddle ?
The team Volt-on Booty on doing an in-depth market survey found that most people including women , children and men did not find the regular cycle saddle to commute on as a result the team Volt-on innovated to make the Volt-on booty seat similar to that of a scooty to make the ride more comfortable for the rider and the pillion.

Q. How many people can ride on the Volt-on Booty and what is the maximum load carrying capacity ?
The seat has been designed to accommodate two people comfortably subject to the fact the maximum load should not exceed 140 kg, which is the maximum load carrying capacity of the Volt-on Booty.

Q. What is the safety mechanism in the Volt-on Booty for over load protection and over heating?
In line with the philosophy of team Volt-on , an MCB has been fitted into the Volt-on Booty
To prevent an mishap due to overloading or over heating .

Q. What quality is the paint on the Volt-on Booty?
The Volt-on booty is painted with Polyurethane ( PU ) automobile paint which give shine , UV protection and durability to you Volt-on Booty.

Q. What material is the rear cover of the Volt-on Booty made of?
The rear cover of the Volt-on Booty is made of FRP ( Fibre Reinforced Plastic ) it is the same material which is used to make Volvo Buses .

Q. I would like to order a Volt-on Booty?
You can order the Volt-on Booty by paying through our website and the Volt-on booty will be delivered to your home within 12 – 15 days.

Q. How is the Volt-on Booty delivered to me?
The Volt-on Booty is delivered to you through Safe Express Courier and Cargo and is send isured to you.

Q. What should I take care of while taking the delivery of Volt-on Botty by Safe Express?
We request you to ensure that the box is no damaged while taking the delivery of the Volt-on Booty. In the event of a damaged parcel please mention it clearly on the consignment note before taking the delivery.

Q. Does the Volt-on Booty come fully assembled or is there any assembling required?
The Volt-on Booty comes 95% assembled except for the front tyre , handle and pedal .Which can be assembled by any local cycle mechanic or can be done on your own by referring to our video on how to assemble the Volt-on Booty on our You tube channel.

Q. What surety do I have that the Volt-on Booty will be delivered to me when I pay online through the website?
When you make the payment on our website, the payment is processed through our fully secured and PCI DSS compliant payment gateways (HDFC, Payumoney). Your transaction is fully protected and even Toutche can not access or keep any of your card, netbanking details.

Q. Who will service and repair my Volt-on Booty ?
The Volt-on Booty will be serviced by the dealer in areas we have one , in areas we don’t have a dealer we would request you to connect us with a local cycle mechanic near you so that we can train him over a video call and he can become an authorise service centre for the Volt-on Booty.

Q. How to I get the spare parts if my Volt-on Booty needs repair?
Most of the spare parts are available with any regular cycle mechanic , however in the event of un availability of any spare part team Volt-on will ship it to you by express courier , the price list of the spare parts can be shared with you if you so need if you mail to care@voltoncycle.com.

Q. What is the cost of maintenance of the Volt-on Booty?
The Cost of maintenance of the Volton Booty is similar to the cost of service of a regular cycle .

Q. What if my delivery is faulty or the product is damaged?
We shall replace your Volton-booty free of cost in the event of any damage if at all caused in transit.

Q. What modes are payment are accepted?
You can pay for your Volt-on Booty by credit card , debit card , net banking , UPI or your wallet

Q. Do you have an option for cash-on-delivery?
We do not have option for cash on delivery , however you can pay 50% in advance and he balance through credit card , debit card , net banking , upi or wallet on delivery.

Q. Can I buy Volt-on Booty on EMI?
Yes you can buy the Volt-on Booty on EMI through your Debit Card / Credit Card / Bajaj Finserv Card or though Paytial App or through HDFC Bank.