With A Battery Range of 150 KM, You Only Spend Re 1 to Ride 25 KM On This E-Cycle

How do you get the best elements of riding a bicycle and scooter in one vehicle, while going electric? Voltrider Private Limited, a New Delhi-based e-mobility startup, is looking to answer that question with their recently launched ‘Volton Booty’ series of electric bicycles. (Above image of riders on the Volton Booty e-cycle)

Launched last month, the Volton Booty comes in three models. The Booty-30 comes with a 25.6V/12 Ah LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery pack, which offers a range of 30-35 km on throttle mode and 45-60 km with pedal assist. The Booty-60 comes with a 25.6 V/20 Ah LFP battery pack offering a battery range of 55-60 km on throttle mode and 75-80 km with pedal assist. The version with the best specifications is the Booty-120, which offers a range of 90-120 km on throttle mode and 130-150 km with pedal assist backed by a 25.6 V/36 Ah battery pack.

All these e-bikes have a maximum speed of 25 kmph, and it takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge its batteries, which can be done from any socket at home. The Booty comes with a detachable battery (except the Booty-120), making it convenient to charge at home or the office.

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