Voltrider Private Limited is a Delhi-based e-mobility startup by Prashanta..

Voltrider Private Limited is a Delhi-based e-mobility startup by Prashanta, which provides the best of riding a bicycle and scooter in one vehicle.
They recently launched ‘Volton Booty’, a series of electric bicycles in 3 models – Booty-30, Booty-60 and Booty-120 which all differ in terms of the battery range and different pedal assist.
All the e-bikes have a maximum speed of 25kmph and takes about 3.5 hours to completely charge. Booty’s another striking feature is the comfortable seat it comes with.
The Booty comes with a detachable battery, making it convenient to charge anywhere. So far, they have sold over 100 units and have 400 orders from Durban, South Africa, etc.
At Voltrider, the team is dedicated to delivering products that outperform in style, utility, and safety. They aim to bring stylish, reliable, and utilitarian products at affordable prices.
The components used to make Volton Booty e-bikes are sourced from India except for the motor, controller, and throttle. Safety being their primary concern, Voltrider uses LFP batteries to give better thermal stability.
Additionally of the 20 cycles made every time, two are sent for real road test with a GPS fitted to assess their real time performance. Each Booty comes fitted with an MCB (miniature circuit breaker) for overload and overheating protection.
Prashanta (CEO) says the cost of electricity consumed in charging a battery comes to Re1. The e-bikes are priced at a range of Rs 27,999-Rs 40,999.
Voltrider will soon collaborate with HDFC bank to help individuals finance their purchase of the Booty, with a monthly instalment ranging from Rs 1,600-Rs 2,500.
The team has also introduced the first electric trike and are in the process of introducing the first two-seater electric rickshaw as well.